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In loving memory of Dr. R.P. Booth

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Dr. R.P. Booth (1934-2020)

My father, Dr. Roger Booth, passed away peacefully on 5 December 2020 after a short illness, three days after the launch of BoothLaw. Dad was my inspiration for starting this firm. He was a kind and loving husband to my mother, a wonderful father to my two brothers and me and a proud and caring grandfather to his six grandchildren. He was a terrific lawyer epitomising all that is good in our profession - academic excellence, honesty, integrity and always fiercely supportive of the legal profession’s responsibility to help maintain a just and fair society. He, like me, started his own law firm. He supported me always and was delighted to see BoothLaw take shape.

BoothLaw is dedicated to my Dad.

George Booth