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Supporting the energy industry is at the core of BoothLaw.

Our team is highly experienced. We have been partners in leading City firms and counsel in multinational energy companies. We combine strategic insight with a passion for the law and the confidence to give clear direction to our clients on difficult issues. We do not sit on the fence and we do not hide behind legal complexity.

Our expertise is global. We have assisted our clients to successfully complete transactions and deliver projects in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and South America. We have established close working relationships with law firms in the key jurisdictions so that our clients have the benefit of in-country support from law firms BoothLaw trusts. Please see our International page for further details. Our team is fluent in Arabic, Farsi and French in addition to English and comprises both civil law and common law trained lawyers.

Clients with whom our team has worked on major transactions include Government, power project developers (conventional and renewable including solar, hydro and wind), oil and gas companies, entrepreneurs, start-ups and contractors.

We have the flexibility to work with our clients in the way which suits them – as part of their law department, as their outsourced law function, on a retainer or day rate or based on a more traditional solicitor-client relationship. We may act as sole legal advisor or as co-counsel with a large international law firm where the deal size or type requires it. We are here to help in the way which works best for you.

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